Barricades and Warning Lights


Height: 37 1/4″
Leg Spread: 24″ nominal
Approx. Weight: 14 lbs.
Top Recessed Panel:
Bottom Recessed Panel:


Work Zone Protection, Barricades, Type III Breakaway Barricade (pictured here, a right hand side of the road barricade)The 60″ high barricade holds three 48″x9″ panels, left or right designation, which are sheeted with HIP alternate orange and white reflective stripes, 6″ wide, sloping downward at an angle of 45 degrees in the direction traffic is to pass.  The barricade can be internally ballasted with 60 lbs. of sand or sand bags may be used.

Type I and II Barricades are classified by the number of reflectorized panels.  Type I Barricades have EG, EGP or HIP reflectorized top panels; Type II Barricades have EG, EGP or HIP reflectorized top and bottom panels.  Both barricades have provisions to mount a warning light.

The Type III Breakaway Barricade consists of a molded plastic base and a U-Channel shape upright.  The upright slides right into the base for quick and easy assembly and break down.

Work Zone Protection

The A-Frame Barricade has heavy-duty molded polyethylene A-Frame legs with a molded-in light holder and two pockets to hold either a 2″x8″x6′, 8′ or 10′ crossbar.  The crossbar is a plastic I-Beam sheeted with EG, EGP, HIP or DG3 reflective sheeting.

Height: 40″
Spread: 30″
Height to top of board: 36″ min.
Pocket: 2″x8″

Approximate weight of two A-Frame legs: 12 lbs.

Barricade Warning Lights

warning-lightLow-Intensity “A” or “C” Lights

This 6-volt low-intensity light is a popular choice for work zones.  Housed in an unbreakable molded plastic battery case, these lights have two 7″ hi-impact Lexan lenses with the choices of amber (std.), red, green, blue or clear.  One six-volt battery is required, recommend two six-volt batteries for longer life.  Batteries sold separately.  Specify flash (“A”) or steady burn (“C”) when ordering.  Approximate 45-day battery life on flasher; 21-30 days on steady burn.

212LED212 LED Type “B” High Intensity Warning Light

Housed in a bright-yellow durable molded plastic battery case, this 12-bolt “B” light is made for long lasting use.  This light meets MUTCD standards, i.e., 12-volt, 8% on time, one 7″ amber or red Lexan lens, one 7″ reflector plated sunshade, and flash rate of 55 to 75 F.P.M.  Available in fixed head or detachable model.  Two 6-volt batteries sold separately.

Solar Powered Dual-Function
LED Hazard Light


Height: 12″
Width: 8″
Depth: 3″
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Power: 0.4 watt solar panel
Energy: 2.4 volt, 1600mAh nickel hydride cells
Flash rate: 60 +/- Times/Minute
Lens Material: Lexan

Solar Powered High Intensity
LED Type “B” Light


Height: 15″
Width: 8″
Depth: 4 3/4″
Weight: 3.2 lbs.
Power: 1.6 watt solar panel
Energy: 4 volt lead acid rechargeable battery
Flash rate: 60 +/- Times/Minute
Lens Material: Lexan