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BlinkerChevron Curve Warning System

Intelligent Warning Systems

The Day and Night Curve Warning and Guidance Solution.

Applications: Two-lane, 55 mph Curves • High  -speed, Multi-lane Expressway Curves • Dangerous Horizontal Highway Curves

BlinkerChevron Curve Warning System and the BlinkerBeam® wireless communication, BlinkSync™ synchro-nization and chevrons function dynamically to warn and guide motorists through a dangerous curve once activated by directing the chevrons to flash sequentially – delivering the “pull-through” effect. The system flash pattern and timing are easily programmed wirelessly from the Windows-based software using a PC or laptop, enabling the user to tailor the flash sequence to match the speed of traffic and the size of the curve.


  • Reduce Speed-Related Crashes
  • Reduce Head-On and Cross-Median Crashes
  • Prevent/Mitigate Roadway Departure Crashes
  • Green, Solar Power – Zero Electrical Costs
  • Delineates Curve
  • Install Anywhere

Federal Highway Administration Evaluation

A Federal Highway Administration evaluation project found that a solar-powered traffic signage system reduces vehicle speed and crashes on horizontal curves, where the crash rate is triple that of other highway segments.

More than a quarter of fatal crashes occur at horizontal curves, and the majority of curve-related crashes involve roadway departure because of speeding or driver error.

The team conducted a speed analysis to determine the safety benefits of the system:

  • A speed analysis, namely collecting vehicle speed data, was conducted for 24 consecutive months post-system installation. During this time-period, data indicated that the solar-powered traffic signage system consistently remained effective in reducing vehicle speeds. This result suggests that drivers do not become immune to the speed reduction system and do not ignore its effects over time.
  • More drivers traveled at or slightly below the speed limit after the system was installed, but the largest reduction was in drivers exceeding the speed limit by 20 or more miles per hour.
  • Higher decreases were found at the point of curvature, which suggests that drivers respond to the system and reduce their speed before entering the curve.

Intelligent Warning Systems

BlinkerChevron Curve Warning System
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