Dynamic Chevron Curve Warning System

 Warning and Guidance Systems

BlinkerBeam® wireless communication, BlinkSync™ synchronization and BlinkerChevron™ LED Signs function dynamically to warn and guide motorists through a dangerous curve once activated; by directng the chevrons to flash sequentially – delivering the “Pull-through” effect. The system flash pattern and timing is easily programmed wirelessly from the Windows-based software using a PC or laptop, enabling the user to tailor the flash sequence to match the speed of traffic and the size of the curve. BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning & Guidance Systems:

  • Reduce speed-related crashes
  • Reduce head-on and cross-median crashes
  • Prevent/mitigate roadway departure crashes
  • Federal funding available through the “High Risk Rural Roads Program”


Further enhance with an advanced curve warning sign