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BlinkerSign® Pedestrian Crosswalk Solutions

Intelligent Warning Systems

BlinkerSign | Partnering with TAPCO to illuminate signs and lower pedestrian fatalities in your communities.

A BlinkerSign® is a standard MUTCD sign, e.g., a STOP sign, or a Custom sign, that is fabricated to federally approved specifications concerning reflective sheeting and aluminum gauge. The sign is then fitted with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that match the sign in color and in shape (as per section 2A.08 of the MUTCD). This match complements the sign and assists the driver in recognizing the shape and thus the message of the sign.

Every hour and a half a pedestrian is struck and killed in a traffic accident in the United States. As pedestrian fatalities continue to rise, turn to TAPCO to increase pedestrian crosswalk safety in your community, parking lots and school zones.

TAPCO’s solar-powered pedestrian crosswalk enhancements – BlinkerSign® Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems, BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacon, In-Pavement LED Markers and Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacons – increase crosswalk visibility at dangerous pedestrian crossings.

BlinkerSign® Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems provide drivers real-time, high-visibility LED warning when pedestrians are in or about to enter an approaching crosswalk. With a variety of activation options, this proven, MUTCD Compliant crosswalk safety enhancement protects vulnerable road users at dangerous crossings.

An effective alternative to Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, the unique BlinkerSign® Pedestrian Crosswalk System design allows for user selection of BlinkerSign® size and type, power supply, flash activation and cabinet mounting options, all tailored to increase crosswalk safety for a variety of applications.

  • Installs easily onto any new or existing sign post
  • Can be integrated into an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • High intensity Day-Viz® LEDs command attention day and night
  • Can be programmed to operate continuously (24/7) or triggered by optional push-button, wireless bollard or pedestrian motion detectors
  • Patented AutoBright™ circuitry that automatically adjusts light output for maximum visibility and battery efficiency
  • Heightened driver awareness
  • Increased visibility at high incident intersections
  • Reduce accidents, incidents and fatalities
  • Federally approved (MUTCD compliant)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Increased visibility at high incident crosswalks

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