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BlinkerSign Stop Sign

BlinkerSign Stop

Providing greater awareness for new, high-risk and high-incidence intersections where static signs are ineffective.

BlinkerSign Stop Sign are an essential solution since s majority of intersection-related fatal crashes occur at rural crossings where high-speed major highways intersect lower-speed secondary roads.

Applications: New Stop Sign Locations • High Incident Intersections • Rural Road

Vertical and horizontal curves can make it difficult for drivers to identify safe gaps in the oncoming traffic when crossing or turning onto the high-speed road. Realigning intersection approaches and other methods can be time-consuming and expensive, and may lack justification at low-volume rural intersections where local agencies have limited budgets.


  • BlinkerStop® LED signs are typically solar-powered so they can be easily deployed in any location with adequate sunlight
  • LED signs can be programmed to flash 24 / 7, dusk-to-dawn or during any desired intervals
  • BlinkerStop® LED signs can be wirelessly linked to other ITS devices including radar/vehicle detectors. These detectors can pick up vehicles exceeding the set speed threshold from up to 300 ft, triggering a BlinkerStop® to flash for a set amount of time
  • TAPCO’s BlinkerBeam® wireless communication eliminates the need for trenching, installing wiring and makes it possible to install the system in virtually any location, requiring little time and effort

BlinkerStop® Flashing LED Signs are Highly Visible, Day and Night,
and Especially During Adverse Weather Conditions

BlinkerSign Stop Sign

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