Wrong Way Driver Detection System

Wrong-way driving often leads to the most feared of traffic incidents, the head-on collision. Wrong-way crashes are more likely to produce serious injuries and fatalities. Most of the time the offenders are confused, distracted or intoxicated drivers, so one might think there’s little that can be done to prevent wrong-way driving. Intoxicated drivers tend to keep their eyes down on the road directly in front of them, trying to keep their vehicle between the lines, often not seeing standard traffic signs.

Installing DO NOT ENTER and WRONG WAY BlinkerSign® LED signs can deter drivers from making wrong-way movements onto freeways and other restricted roads. By providing the extra visible warning cues standard traffic signs lack. The solar-powered BlinkerSign® is directional and activated only by vehicles traveling in the wrong direction (speed threshold is adjustable). When the Confirmation Radar detector verifies vehicle traveling the wrong direction an alert can be provided to highway authorities using TAPCO’s BlinkLink. An optional Confirmation Camera can also be triggered to capture photos of the offending vehicle. Additionally, signs facing the opposite direction can be added to warn drivers of the wrong way traveling vehicle.

Driving the wrong way in one-way traffic or wrong side of road factored into 3.1 percent of all fatal crashes in the U.S.* there was a 30% reduction in San Antonio after installment of BlinkerSign® wrong way and do not enter warning systems.