Breakaway Post Systems

Rigid objects close to a roadway can become deadly hazards when struck by a vehicle that strays off the pavement. Supports for road signs, frequently placed close to the roadway, are hazards if they are not designed, manufactured, and constructed to break away upon impact. Even relatively small and innocent looking road sign supports can be deadly if they are not designed to break away.

Lap-Splice™ U-Channel Breakaway SystemLap-Splice

Breakaway Systems are designed to be used for rapid replaceability of damaged signs in all areas but are especially beneficial in high-impact areas. The Lap-Splice Breakaway System securely nests u-channel ground posts (standard 3’6”) with top posts and forms a union which is as strong as the posts themselves. The Lap Splice spacer bars have holes drilled for 1st and 5th hole placement, thereby eliminating any possible user error. In just minutes, using either manual or power tools, the post system can easily be driven, from ground level, into even the hardest clay. Altogether your installation crew spends less time by the side of the road, reducing their exposure to traffic-related injury.

  • The simplest, easiest-to-use installation and most economical breakaway sign post system
  • A ground mounted breakaway system for any size
  • SP-80 Rib-Bak® U-Channel up to 4 lbs.
  • NCHRP 350 Approved

Slip-Safe™ for U-Channel Breakaway System                       

  • Durable, safe and reusable breakaway system is the ideal solution for small sign supports in high-impact areas
  • Slip-Safe™ is designed to be installed – and reinstalled – quickly and cost effectively
  • Handles sign panels up to 42 sq. ft. using three 4 lbs. /ft. Rib-Bak® posts within a 7 ft. span

Slip-Safe™ Supreme U-Channel Breakaway System                      

  • 360° breakaway system for mid-size sign supports
  • Can be installed – and reinstalled – quickly, easily and cost effectively because it does not require concrete support in strong soil conditions
  • Base post is a direct-drive unit composed of two Rib-Baks® bolted together, requiring only conventional power tools for installation

Slip-Safe Supreme

Ulti-Mate® Square Post Sign Support System                    

  • Approved by the FHWA
  • Reliable, economical and easy to install
  • A unique manufacturing method
  • The Ulti-Mate® tubing permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size for convenient installations, maintenance and reuse
  • The square shape also provides torsional stability

Ulti-Mate Square Post Sign

Slip-Mate® by Ulti-Mate®                   

  • An impact release sign post system
  • The lateral-release system is designed to work with the Ulti-Mate® Square Post Sign Support System and comes preassembled
  • The patent-pending design minimizes the deceleration of a vehicle by utilizing an innovative ball-bearing system
  • Eliminates need to auger hole in ground and concrete
  • No need for annual torquing of bolts
  • NCHRP 350 compliant
  • Utilizes standard drivable anchor

slip-mate by ulti-mate