Camera Towers

SolarTech® Solar-Powered Portable Camera Towers Harness the power of the sun.

The SPCT-3000 portable camera towers are designed to provide a stable and adjustable base for outdoor security. This camera tower includes a Bosch Autodome camera. Easy to tow and set up, the SPCT-3000 Camera Tower provides reliable observation for a variety of needs:

  • Security
  • Border Control
  • Surveillance (law enforcement)
  • Traffic surveillance ( e.g., work zone)


  • Three stage Telescoping and Rotating Mast of galvanized steel with inter-stage roller bearing technology and variable mast deployment height. Mast can be raised to any height between 13.5’ (min.) and 30’ (max.) and is stable at any height.
  • Truly Solar Powered: Continuous, year-round, uninterrupted power source capable of providing a minimum of 950 watt-hours per day of electrical power (nominal 75 amp hours per day at 12.5 volts DC)
  • Portable: Tower system can be towed to any location for temporary surveillance
  • Heavy-Duty: All steel trailer frame construction
  • Sturdy polyethylene fenders and lockable battery compartment
  • Torsion-type axle for a smooth, stable ride
  • Four (4) 3,000 lb. swivel jacks for easy leveling and setup
  • Polyamide Epoxy primer for excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Acrylic Urethane finish for excellent appearance and durability
  • Five Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

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Bosch Autodome Camera

Camera Options:

Other cameras can be mounted on the mast for security or surveillance. Ask about options for customized mountings. SolarTech also makes a 30-foot tower (SPTT) without a camera.

Standard Camera: Bosch Autodome Camera

  • Day/night IP camera with 28x or 36x optical zoom (12x digital zoom).
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Sodium Vapor White Balance mode that restores objects to their original color.
  • New Intelligent Tracking and alarm rules engine with on-board Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).
  • Enhanced system flexibility with dual recording options (iSCSI, SD card).
  • Fully configurable quad streaming with individually configurable SD streams.
  • Multiple pre-configured user modes that allow users to select the camera configuration that is ideal for their applications.

Contact our Sales team today to discuss your project! Call 800.338.5685 or email