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Custom Signs & Digital Printing

Signs are the traffic signals, conversation starters, motivators and rainmakers.

Let your imagination go  with custom graphics and signs– windows, walls, floors and doors, even vehicles make great places for signs! We offer a vast array of sign options that can make your vision a reality. We’ll help you design, print and fabricate your signs. Signage offers an exciting world of possibilities for your business or traffic needs. These are the same signs ordered by generations of our municipal and state traffic sign buyers. Custom signs come in an exciting variety of formats, materials, fabrications, and creative installations. The combinations are truly limitless. Whether you need custom signs for the exterior or interior of your business, or both, look to Garden State Highway Products to improve the visibility of your business.

  • Our art department will polish your design and send you a proof
  • Our signs come in various sizes, up to 72” across and our largest signs have a visibility of over 400 feet
  • All signs can be ordered in a reflective option – now required for most roads and lots

GSHP safety signs are designed to meet regulatory and industry standards for size, color, and wording where such standards apply. Options for customizing many of these signs include the use of different sign materials or the addition of custom verbiage or data imprinting. Meeting your application specifics, GSHP provides signs in any quantity for high-impact results. Choose from an array of sign materials, color printing, fonts, sizes, and configurations.

Traffic Signs

Official MUTCD / DOT Traffic Signs guide motorist and keep traffic flowing through our communities and highways.

Fleet wraps offer a unified look for your business. They essentially act as highly visible traveling billboards for your business that have proven to be a successful marketing and advertising tool. Fleet wraps generate brand recognition.

Floor Decals

Custom floor decals used to decorate flooring. Step up your advertising and brand recognition with custom floor decals and graphics. An innovative way to display your design, photo, brand or logo ad at your customer’s feet.

Novelty Signs

Over the years, we get helpful information about traffic control issues from the cities we deal with. One increasing problem is the use of novelty street name signs on public or private roads which is banned by the cities. The Federal Highway Administration has specific requirements on street signs for use on public or private roadways, and with good reason. Requirements like official sizes, correct letter heights, fonts, spacing, and reflectivity. Novelty signs don’t adhere to these standards. The reported problem is emergency vehicles (Fire, Medical, Police) are having a difficult time trying to locate the street when novelty signs are used. Novelty signs are okay to put on your wall but should never be used on streets or roads. High intensity reflective signs are recommended for city use.

Novelty signs make great holiday gifts, funny workplace signs, no trespassing signs and perfect for college students, home or office.

Safety Signs

Safety sign options from GSHP include:

  • OSHA workplace signage
  • Fire safety signs
  • Chemical labels and safety decals
  • Hazardous materials signs
  • Electrical safety and utilities signage
  • Construction zone signs
  • Workplace health and first-aid designations
  • Disabled parking signs and tags
  • Parking zones
  • Automobile safety & accident signs
  • Maintenance floor stands
  • Traffic direction signs

Vinyl Decals
Opaque and clear vinyl decals are ideal for your custom message on store windows, vehicles or any smooth surfaces.

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