Ground Mount Delineators

Ground Mount, flexible delineators

Ground Mount Delineators

Ground mount delineators are guidance devices used in locations where traffic flow may change unexpectedly or confusion might occur. Ground mount delineators are flexible, fiberglass reinforced composite utility marker posts and highway delineators are designed to withstand multiple vehicle impacts and return to an upright position. Fiberglass is naturally rust, rot and corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures making it the ideal material for marker and delineator applications.

Our products offer the perfect blend of strength and flexibility for easy installation and a long service life.

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Delineator & Utility Marker

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Drivable Delineators


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Flextough™ Delineators & Utility Markers – 3.84″

  • Our most popular marker specifically designed with a thicker mid-section for easier installation in hard soil conditions
  • Approved for use by numerous Departments of Transportation throughout the US
  • Designed to withstand multiple vehicle impacts
  • Raised side Rails and recessed surface areas protect reflective sheeting from damage during impact
  • Holds a 2 7/8” wide decal> Installs with GMD400 post driver
  • Standard lengths: 62”, 66”, 72”
  • Color options: White, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green – Custom colors available – minimum order required

Triflex Delineators & Utility Markers – 3.69″

  • Improved design on the common 3-Rail marker
  • Rounded back rib for improved impact resistance, pointed and ready for installation
  • Flat surface for decal application
  • Recommended for use on straight-aways and for general delineation
  • Ideal for use in extreme temperature environments
  • Holds a 2 7/8” wide decal
  • Install with GMD400 post driver
  • Front side Rails protect the decal if impacted
  • Reflective sheeting and decals may be applied to one or both sides
  • Standard lengths: 62”, 66”, 72”
  • Color options: White, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple – Custom colors available – minimum order required

DualFlex™ Delineator & Utility Marker – 3.95″

  • For use on tRails, secondary roads, rural 9-1-1 house markers
  • For use on tRails, secondary roads, rural 9-1-1 house markers
  • Flat, recessed decal surfaces for dual-sided decal application
  • Raised side Rails to protect decals from damage upon impact
  • Install with GMD400 post driver
  • General anchor can be installed
  • Standard lengths: 62”, 66”, 72”
  • Color options: White, Brown, Yellow, Custom colors available

HiWayFlex Delineators & Utility Markers – 4″

Ground Mount Delineators

  • Our most flexible marker – half-moon shape for improved impact resistance
  • Ideal for interstate ramps, curves and other high-impact areas
  • Designed to withstand repeated bumper and wheel impacts
  • Flat side flanges protect sheeting upon impact
  • Install with GMD400 post driver
  • General anchor can be installed
  • Holds a 2 7/8” wide decal
  • U-channel installation option available
  • Standard lengths: 62”, 66”, 72”> Color options: White, Yellow

Boundary Ground Mount Flex / Survey Marker – 2.620″

  • Low-cost, all-purpose post for marking boundaries, right of ways, hiking tRails, surveyed property
  • Single rib provides extra support and easy installation in hard soil
  • Ideal for non-impact areas
  • Reflective sheeting/decals applied to one side only
  • Install with GBD250 post driver
  • Holds a 2.375” wide decal
  • Standard lengths: 66”, 72”
  • Color options: Orange (custom colors available with 3000 foot minimum order)

FG 400 / 500 Drivable Delineators

Drivable Delineator

  • The first posts to exceed field performance standards using recycled polymers!
  • Superior outdoor weather-ability and UV stabilized
  • Select from Engineering Grade, High Intensity or Super High Intensity sheeting to meet state specifications and provide superb nighttime visibility
  • Available in various lengths and colors
  • Soil anchor systems are available
  • Custom orders include colors and message decals for utility markers
  • Sizes: 42”, 48”, 56″, 66″, 72″ and 78″

Fantasma PVC Flexible Post Delineator

The Fantasma post offers the same profile as the FG 500 but in a PVC post — perfect for tighter budgets

  • Increase visibility and improve roadside safety
  • Plastic PVC material makes them highly flexible
  • UV stabilized, makes them impervious to the environment
  • Easy to install
  • Available in custom colors and lengths

Enhancemark Utility Markers

  • 3.5” HDPE post with 3.8” domed enhancer top
  • Includes 2 custom decals and plastic T anchor
  • Offers 360° visibility with the addition of a 3rd decal> Recommended for areas with lower impact rate> Enhancer available separately> Standard lengths: 66”, 72”, 78”> Post colors: White, Yellow, Orange> Enhancer colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green

Safe-Hit Soil Anchored Delineators

Safe-Hit’s complete line of durable & flexible, soil anchored posts provide delineation and enhance motorist safety on public and private roadways. Typical applications include guide posts, culvert markers, median crossovers, and mile markers.

The Safe-Hit Surface Flexible Soil Anchored Guide Post System includes many features and benefits, including:

  • A unique two part system incorporates the use of a permanent anchor and a replaceable post
  • Unlike STEEL posts, these FLEXIBLE posts cause minimal damage to impacting vehicles while reducing personal injury
  • Tubular, galvanized anchor is available in various lengths to accommodate different soil conditions
  • Permanent anchor can be installed with the use of a hand driver or power equipment
  • The post is easily replaced without having to reinstall the existing anchoring system
  • Sizes: 18”, 24”, 28”, 36”, 42”, 48”
  • Reflective labels are available for special applications, including markers for:
    • Mileage (mile markers)
    • Culverts
    • Motorist Aid Call Boxes
    • Median Crossovers
    • Objects / Hazards
    • Boundaries
    • Bridges
    • Gore points
    • Drains
    • Fire Hydrants
    • Island Ends

Ground Mount Drivable Delineators

Driveway Markers

    • 5/16″ diameter rod
    • High visibility for edge marking
    • Durable in extreme weather conditions
    • Flexible to withstand high winds and retain upright position
    • Includes 1 band of 5″ reflective sheeting and black cap]
    • Standard lengths: 48″, 60″, 72″
    • Color options: White, Yellow, Orange

Rectangular Snow Poles – 4″

  • 3/16” x 1¼” or 3/8” x 1¼” solid rectangular bar offers flexibility with stiffness and lower weight
  • Radius edges and beveled corners accommodate easy installation directly into the ground or to posts using stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Ideal for connecting to existing u-channel or tRail marking in remote locations
  • Reflective sheeting/decals applied to top surface or wrapped around for 360° visibility
  • Standard lengths: 72”, 84”, 96”
  • Color options: Orange
  • Longer lead time may apply

Post Drivers Available

Manual post driving tools for installing fiberglass posts permit easy ground installation into most soil conditions.
For especially hard or compacted soil, the pilot hole driver is used to simplify the post installation by loosening compacted soil allowing the marker to be driven into the ground.

Use the Post Puller to pull existing flexible posts out of the ground.

  • GMD400 – Manual Post Driver: For 5’ – 6’ long Tri-Flex, Flex-Tough, Dual-Flex, Hiway-Flex, Sign Post Marker Posts
  • GBD250 – Manual Post Driver: For 5’ – 6’ long Flex Boundary/Survey Marker Posts
  • PHD100 Manual Pilot Hole Driver: For installation in especially hard or compacted soil
  • SPD300 – Manual Post Driver: For fiberglass snow poles
  • UMD100 – Manual Driver Tool: Drives 18” u-channel post anchors into the ground
  • GPP200 – Post Puller: Accommodates all post styles

Standard Vinyl and Reflective Decals

  • All decals are coated with a clear UV overlay material to protect decal color from fading
  • Decals are available in vinyl and reflective substrates
  • All decals meet FHA specifications
  • Die cut letters and numbers are available in 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” tall
  • All Federal recreation symbols related to land, water, winter, accommodations / services, facilities, and directional signage are available
  • Decal application at the factory is included with purchase
  • Standard decal widths: 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”
  • Decal length: Up to 22 inches (before incurring additional charges)
  • Colors*: White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Purple, Cobalt Blue, and Brown
  • Custom colors are available, and may incur a custom ink charge – Please call GHSP customer service for information
  • Decal printing: Standard decal price includes one substrate (background) color and one copy (text) color; custom decals and messages are available upon request
  • Decals are pressure sensitive and must be installed properly. Apply to clean, dry surfaces to promote continued adhesion
  • GSHP in-house graphics department can create custom messages and re-create company logos for decals

View PDF > Utility Marker Decals

Delineator information: According to MUTCD 3F.01, delineators are guidance devices used in locations where traffic flow may change unexpectedly or confusion might occur. Delineators offer advantages over other notification devices in that they typically remain visible in harsh conditions such as during heavy rains and snow accumulation.