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Emergency Vehicle Warning System

Emergency Vehicle Warning System

Brilliant, Real-Time Alerting of Departing and Returning Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems are crucial to maintaining safety on the roadways outside of public service facilities. Emergency crews deserve safe, ready access to streets adjacent to their fire house or emergency vehicle location. The egress onto the street or highway may pose visibility challenges (such as curves and obstructions), or the posted speeds may warrant an added warning. Speeders and distracted drivers only compound the problem.

Emergency Vehicle Flashing BlinkerSign® and Blinker-Beacon™ provide a high-visibility advance warning to drivers approaching the emergency vehicle station egress or ingress. The BlinkerSign® can be wirelessly activated from multiple methods, including a push-button in the vehicle station or remote activation key fobs in emergency vehicles.

Applications: Firehouses • Hospitals • Emergency Vehicle Entrances • Advance Truck Warning  Evacuation Systems


  • Alerts approaching drivers when emergency vehicles depart or return to your facility
  • Can be activated by push button and hand held transmitters or optical receiver, and can operate warning devices continuously with toggle switch until switched off
  • BlinkerSign® LED signs may be installed onto new or existing sign posts, and offer significant savings in installation and operating costs
  • High intensity Day-Viz® LEDs command attention, both day and night
  • Proprietary TAPCO AutoBright™ circuitry automatically adjusts LED light output to optimize visibility and battery efficiency


Emergency Vehicle Warning System
Smart Activation Options

BlinkerBeam® Wireless

Push Button

Hand Held

Optional Optical
Emergency Activation

In-Road Warning Lights
Intelligent Warning Systems

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