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Over-Height Detection

Intelligent Warning Systems

Alerting over-height vehicles in advance of a potential collision ahead. 

Over-Height Detection: Infrared transmitter and receiver sensors are mounted on either side of the road in advance of the low structure, creating an infrared beam over the road. When an over-height vehicle breaks the infrared beam, the receiver sends a wireless signal to activate the warning alert, notifying the driver that their vehicle won’t clear the structure ahead.

  • Sensor height tailored to each system
  • Sensor lights confirm operation
  • Solar or AC power
  • Variety of warning alerts

Over-Height Detection

BlinkerBeacon™ or BlinkerSigns® Warning Alerts

Over-height Warning Systems can be assembled using a variety of MUTCD-compliant BlinkerBeacon™ or BlinkerSign® warning alerts that are preprogrammed for a set flash duration. If applicable, over-height exit signs can be added to direct vehicles toward safety.

Power Options

  • 13-watt solar panel for low volume activations
  • 26-watt solar panel for high volume activations

Applications: Bridges • Airport overhangs and walkways • Equipment yards • Logging trucks • Tunnels • Railroads • Overpasses • Parking structures

Mounting Options

Over-Height Detection

BlinkerSign SignFace Options

BlinkerSign Intelligent Warning Systems

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