Miscellaneous Hardware

When it comes to signage, Garden State Highway Products, Inc. offers everything you need.
Check out our miscellaneous hardware selection for tools to get your sign and post jobs done.

Drive Rivet

Drive Rivet

  • Size: 3/8”x5/8”
  • Material: steel plated
  • Flush head designed to be vandal resistant
  • Installed with just a hammer

2-part blind rivet

2-Part Blind Rivet

  • R18 – delineator posts 1-3/16” long
  • R26 – 2# u-channel posts 1-5/16” long
  • R34 – 3# & 4# u-channel posts 1-13/16”
  • Installed with rivet gun

Rivet Gun

Rivet Gun

  • Highly durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation and easy handling
  • Rivet tool with slim nose
  • Heavy duty steel construction

J Clip Assembly

J Clip Assembly

  • Material: stainless steel (bolts, nuts, washers only)
  • Assembly includes:
    — One J-Clip
    — One rectangular t-bolt
    — One flat washer
    — One nylock nut
Universal Channel Clamp

Universal Channel Clamp

  • Fits up to 3/4” stainless steel banding
  • Type 18-8 stainless steel
  • Factory preset to fit 3” round posts
  • Adjustable serrated stirrups for other size posts

Saddle Clamp

Saddle Clamp Bracket

  • Used for 2-3/8” round posts
  • Includes: cast aluminum (1) 5/16” bolt and washer, (1) 5/16”-18 U-Bolt, and (2) 5/16” nut and washer sets
  • Two saddle clamps are needed to secure one sign



  • 3-1/2” round circle
  • Non-ribbed, flat aluminum with 3/8” hole
  • Mount between sign and post to reinforce signs


Save 2

  • 3”x3” square
  • Mount between signs and posts to reinforce signs
  • Formed aluminum with stamped ribs to prevent twisting
  • Helps prevent warping and buckling

SignGrabber Fence Mount

Sign Grabber – Fence Mount

  • SignGrabber™ SG2 is a galvanized cast metal mounting bracket
  • 2-1/2” square x 3/4” deep
  • Supplied with 1-5/16” x 3/4” tamper proof bolt and nut
  • A tamper-resistant hardware system

L-9 Bracket

L-9 Bracket

  • For mounting signs on a 90o angle to u-channel posts
  • Two required per sign
  • L-45 – 45 degree bracket also available
  • Available in galvanized or aluminum

T-18 Twist Bracket

T-18 Twist Brackett

  • Galvanized steel twist bracket for installing a “one-way” sign at a right angle atop an existing sign on a u-channel post or square post