Breakaway Post Systems

Breakaway Systems are designed to be used for rapid replaceability of damaged signs in all areas but are especially beneficial in high-impact areas, like center medians, islands, large rights-of-way, bull noses, turning radii, bridge abutments and sharp curves.

Lap Splice U-Channel Breakaway Systems

The Lap Splice Breakaway System is designed to give the user an easy-to-install, ground mounted, bolted-base breakaway system for any size U-Channel, up to 4 lb. posts, at a cost that is remarkably less then competitive U-Channel breakaway systems.

The Lap Splice Breakaway System securely nests U-Channel ground posts (standard 3’6″) with top posts (of various lengths) and forms a union which is as strong as the posts themselves.  The Lap Splice spacer bars have holes drilled for 1st and 5th hole placement, thereby eliminating any possible user assembly confusion.

Lap Splice Spacer Bar hardware consists of:splice

A: two 1 1/2″ high performance grade 9 bolts and self-locking flange nuts,

B: two grade 9 cut washers, and

C: a 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ thick x 5″ long Spacer Bar

Safety is the key factor in the Breakaway System.  In just minutes, using either manual or power tools, the post system can easily be driven, from ground level, into even the hardest clay.  Nesting and bolting the Breakaway System takes just minutes, too – so altogether your installation crew spends less time by the side of the road, reducing their exposure to traffic-related injury.

Slip-Safe U-Channel Breakaway System


The Slip-Safe U-Channel Breakaway System is an ideal breakaway system for high-impact areas.  It installs very quickly and is a durable, safe and reusable system.


The Slip-Safe Supreme Breakaway System is an ideal alternative for mid-size sign supports.  Its base post is a direct-drive unit composed of two RIB-BAKs bolted together, requiring only conventional power tools for installation.