Preformed and Bagged Thermoplastic

An exciting and durable alternative to traditional traffic markings.

Studies have shown that properly applied thermoplastic can provide up to 8+ years of service life at 1/3 the life cycle cost of other marking binders. The material used, provide increased skid resistance when compared to standard thermoplastics. Our material is a highly durable, polymer-based marking that retro-reflectivity throughout the life of the marking. Meaning our product will provide maximum safety for its entire lifespan and won’t need to be replaced due to failing safety features that makes this product so beneficial.

The preformed thermoplastic marking is heat-applied to both asphalt and concrete surfaces. This gives it a strong bond with surface materials that can easily withstand high heat, freezing temperatures, and daily use from motor vehicles including bicycles, semi-trucks, and passenger cars. Call a Sales Representative at National Highway Products to discuss your needs at 856-692-7572 or email

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