Custom A-Frame Signs

Durable A-Frame signs including custom graphics applied to a sturdy plastic frame. Easily collapsible and portable. Perfect for outdoor and sidewalk advertising.

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A-Frames, also known as sandwich board signs, are an easy and affordable way to advertise your business or event. The durable thick plastic frame allows them to be placed both indoors and outdoors in any conditions except extreme weather. They are also extremely easy to set up, take down, and move from one location to another as needed.

Our Standard A-Frame comes with permanent decals that are placed directly on either side of the frame. Additional or replacement permanent decals decals can be applied directly on top of previous decals if you need to change messaging. Our Premium A-Frame comes with corrugated plastic inserts that easily slide in and out of the A-Frame using tabs on the sides to keep them in place. Order multiple signs and change messaging in a matter of seconds as often as you want!

Standard Premium
  • High-adhesive Decal
  • White Frame
  • 18 lbs. + 10 lbs. if Sand/Water Added
  • Non-removable Graphic
  • 24” x 36” Graphic
  • Indoor/outdoor Use
  • Double-Sided
  • 4mm Corrugated Plastic Insert
  • White or Black Frame
  • 20 lbs. + 10 lbs. if Sand/Water Added
  • Removable Graphic
  • 24” x 36” Graphic
  • Indoor/outdoor Use
  • Double-Sided

A-Frame Inserts or Replacement Signs

Need replacement signs, also known as ‘inserts’, for your existing A-Frame sign? Whether you have a standard or premium A-Frame, you can order signs to change your A-Frame’s messaging. For standard frames, choose the high adhesive decal option below. For a premium frame with tabs, choose the corrugated plastic option below.

High-Adhesive Decal

High-adhesive decals are for the standard A-Frame sign.
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Plastic Insert

Corrugated plastic inserts are for the premium A-Frame sign.
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Can I use my A-Frame sign outside? Any exceptions or restrictions?
Yes. Our A-Frame signs are built to withstand both exterior and interior use. In many cases the frame and graphics will do just fine regardless of where you might be located. We do however recommend that you avoid using your sign outside during extreme weather, particularly high winds, heavy rain and sustained cold temperatures.

How do I make my sign more stable when placed on a sidewalk amongst heavy foot traffic or even windy conditions?
Our sandwich board signs can be filled with water or sand to provide stability in these situations. Use of either of these options should ensure the sign stays upright and visible to your potential customers. We do not recommend using water when there is danger of sub-freezing temperatures due to potential for the ice to expand and crack the sign frame.

Can I use the sandwich board signs to put over someone’s shoulders and have them be a “walking advertisement” like you often see in busy public places?
No. While those signs are sometimes also called sandwich signs, our signs are not intended to be put on a person to become a walking advertisement. Whether for an event, on a sidewalk outside a business or a restaurant, our signs are designed to be stable and stationary!

Will my A-Frame fade, dent, warp or scratch? What about splintering and rusting?
The plastic frame itself does have the potential to have scuffs or scratches if not handled well or from falling over while positioned on rough surfaces such as concrete or pavement.
With the exception of an extremely prolonged period of sun exposure, there shouldn’t be any fading or discoloration of the frame. Similarly, splintering and rusting should not be a problem due to the fact that it is made from heavy duty plastic.
Likewise, with the exception of expanded ice causing the sign to warp or crack, the frame should not have problems with warping or cracking.
Overall, the frame itself is incredibly durable. We’ve seen these frames last for 5+ years with proper care despite regular use outdoors.

What are the typical uses for sandwich board signs?
The most common and intended use for sandwich board signs is sidewalk advertising for retail shops, restaurants and other businesses with a storefront and the potential to push foot traffic into a physical location. The actual graphics themselves can be used for sales and promotions, daily menu changes and many other purposes when used on a sidewalk.
Beyond being used for sidewalk advertising, these signs are great for events and conferences for traffic control, check in and registration tables, parking, as well as directing attendees. They can also be used as point of purchase signage and even to warn or caution for temporarily dangerous or restricted areas.

Can I reuse my signs?
Yes! Our A-Frame signs are extremely durable and can be used repeatedly. Simply store them as per the instructions below and you should have no problem using these signs again and again.

Installation & Care

How do I install my A-Frame sign?
Installation of our A-Frame signs is as simple as carrying it to the desired location and unfolding it. With weather resistant graphics that are adhered via an adhesive backing (Standard version) or corrugated plastic inserts (Premium version), setting up your sign is as easy as unfolding a folding chair. For windy or other inclement weather, the frame can be filled with sand or water for extra stability.

How do I store my sandwich signs?
Storing your custom sandwich sign is as easy as setting it up. Simply fold it up or collapse it and store it in a dry location. We would recommend storing it in the upright position but they can just as easily be stored lying down. The upright position also allows for use of the stacking lugs which are part of the frame’s custom design. These lugs will help interlock multiple frames stored upright to prevent movement that could damage the graphics on the sign frames. If storing them lying down, be aware of placing anything on top of the graphic area of the sign so as to not damage the actual graphics of the sign. This is particularly true if you leave the corrugated plastic version of the graphic in the sign while storing.

Is there any kind of on-going care or maintenance needed for my A-Frame signs?
Our A-Frame signs are incredibly durable and designed to be used outdoors. Nonetheless, storing them indoors before any extreme weather will preserve your sign for repeated use over the course of many years. Regular washing of our Standard and Premium signs using a non-abrasive cloth with very mild dish soap can help keep your sandwich board and graphic looking clean and vibrant.

The only on-going maintenance that may be needed is to wipe down the plastic frame of the sign with a wet non-abrasive rag to keep it clean. You can also do the same for either graphic because there is a laminate over top each of them. When wiping down the graphic(s) do not use a soaking wet rag but rather a slightly damp one so as to ensure that no moisture will get underneath the laminate.

Finally and as noted elsewhere, we recommend taking down and storing your sign if extreme weather conditions are imminent. Extreme weather and any kind of intentional efforts to damage the frame could result in a sandwich board sign that is permanently damaged.

  • Weatherproof: The combination of high-quality plastic and added weight from sand/water makes these signs perfect for outdoor use. Rain or shine, your A-Frame sign can endure it all.
  • Portable: The collapsible A-Frame and convenient handle make it easy to move your sign from one location to another. Stacking lugs also make storage for one or more A-Frames as easy as can be!
  • Maximum Visibility: Because every A-Frame is double-sided you can make sure everyone sees your message! Print both sides the same or customize each side for no additional charge.
  • Reusable: Store your signs and use them as you always have, place a new decal over top the existing one (standard frames), or swap inserts (premium frames) to change your messaging and use your A-frame signs for years to come.
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