CrashGard Hoist

This CrashGard Hoist is safe, easy and an efficient transport of CrashGard Sand Barrels. With CrashGard Hoist, loading or unloading a truck is at most a two-person operation, and often a one-person operation.

CrashGard Hoist operates with a scissor-like action. It clamps and unclamps as necessary, and uses the CrashGard barrel itself to do so.


  • Operates with a simple scissor action
  • Clamps/unclamps easily to the sand barrel when hoisting or removing
  • Moving barrels can be a one person operation
  • Made of welded steel
  • Weighs 140 lbs.
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Powder coated paint helps deter corrosion
  • Designed to safely hoist CrashGard and other sand barrels
  • No adjustments required when used with other barrels
  • Pivots are protected by wedge-shaped guards for worker safety
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