Opaque Window Clings

Removable and Repositionable
Reusable opaque window clings are digitally printed on .017″ opaque vinyl material. With the ability to remove and reposition at will, opaque window clings are perfect for seasonal offerings, temporary window signage and more.

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Window clings (sometimes known as static clings or static window clings) are similar to decals as they are printed onto a thin white vinyl material that can be easily applied to a smooth surface. Unlike decals, however, window clings stick to glass and other smooth surfaces without any adhesive. No sticky adhesive means no mess plus the benefit of being able to reuse and reposition your cling as you please. Opaque window clings are the perfect choice for temporary signage.

Opaque window clings are printed in full color with high resolution digital UV Ink. Having a brilliant print means you can proudly display a fantastic design in minutes with an opaque window cling. Although these window clings are not intended for vehicle use or other exterior applications, they provide excellent window signage for any occasion.

With clings, you’re in full control whenever you want to move or take down your design. Window clings can be placed on a window, removed when needed, then reused again. In comparison to decals, window clings have the added benefit of not leaving any adhesive residue when taken down.

Repositioning your cling is simple. Just peel it away from the surface and put it back wherever you want. A little water with a couple drops of dish soap works wonders to get your cling adjusted on the window just right. Use a squeegee to remove air pockets and excess water then let it dry. See the installation instructions for more details.

When you are done displaying your cling, you can store it for later use by putting it back on the white backing that came with your cling. You can also use wax paper if you no longer have the backing. Store your cling flat, in a cool, dry place.

Print Surface Options

Inside Glass
Choosing inside glass in the options means that your design will be printed on the same side as the “cling” side. This option allows you to display your design outside while the cling is attached to the inside surface. This is perfect for increasing the longevity of your cling as well as ensuring it doesn’t get damaged or stolen by passersby.

The standard option allows your cling to be placed on the outside of the window. Use this option if you have tinted windows or the surface is solid. Or if you want your cling to display opposite of the cling side.


Weight .09 lbs per square foot (about the weight of 9 quarters)
Thickness .017” (about the thickness of 2 sheets of copy paper)
Details White, low adhesion static cling, repositionable, reusable
Uses Indoor, retail, home or auto windows
Estimated Lifespan +1 years with proper placement and care
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