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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon

Intelligent Warning Systems

Four times more effective than the common standard round beacon.

TAPCO’s pedestrian-activated Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) systems produce 80-90 percent driver compliance in yielding to pedestrians at high-risk uncontrolled crossings. When activated by push button or motion detection, LED arrays flash a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) specified alternating wig-wag pattern.

Side-mounted LED arrays flash concurrently to advise pedestrians that the units are actively flashing. The RRFB system produces the highest yielding rate of all traffic control devices not featuring a red display, and is four times more effective than the common standard round beacon. RRFBs cost less compared to other traffic control devices that produce similar vehicular yield rates.

Applications: High-Speed and Multi-Lane Crossings • School Crossings • Pedestrian Crossings • Roundabout Crossings


  • Driver yielding rates of 80-90%
  • Completely modular
  • Various mounting options
  • Larger LED arrays provide increased visibility
  • LEDs exceed FHWA standards
  • Significantly higher driver awareness and compliance
  • Wireless, synchronized LEDs
  • Solar-powered, eco-friendly
  • LED Indicators for pedestrians
  • More effective than round beacons
  • Product Exceeds SAE J595 Requirements

RRFB options include:

  • Advance RRFB wirelessly linked to Crossing RRFB
  • Self-powered remote bollard-mounted push button
  • Passively activated systems

80% Reduction to Yield to Pedestrian Traffic!*

* “An Analysis of the Efficacy of Rectangular-shaped Rapid-Flash LED Beacons to Increase Yielding to Pedestrians Using Crosswalks on Multi-lane Roadways in the City of St. Petersburg, FL”, Center for Education and Research in Safety

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon

Extra-large beacons provide greater visibility, ideal for high-speed
and multi-lane pedestrian and school crossings.

Smart Activation Options

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