Roadside Reflectors-Under Construction

Roadside reflectors are used for attachment to posts or other objects to delineate the side of the road and, in particular, to identify curves and other hazardous road conditions.

Centermount Delineators

Centermount delineators were developed as reflectors for attachment to U-Channel posts and grew to become a standard vertical delineator for roadside identification. These aluminum or plastic-backed 3 1/4″ diameter reflectors have a 3/16″ center-mounting hole and are hermetically sealed against moisture. Plastic-backed centermount delineators are only available in full box quantity of 200 pcs. Please specify aluminum or plastic; and white, yellow, red, blue or green when ordering.

Concrete Barrier Reflectors

Engineered for brightness and resilience, shown here are several examples of concrete barrier markers. These barrier reflectors come in many different sizes. The FB and FT reflectors are available with your choice of reflective sheeting on one or both sides. The JD-1 (single-sided) or JD-2 (double-sided) reflector is available in your choice of colors.

Aluminum Delineators

Aluminum delineators are available in the following sizes with your choice of reflective sheeting.

4″x8″ Rectangle • 3″ Circle • 5″ Diamond • 5″Square