Rigid & Roll Up Signs / Stands

Roll-up Signs Stands

Our roll-up signs are lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Roll-up signs are perfect for on-the-go construction workers and contractors. All standard and any special legend signs are available in 36″ or 48″ roll-up signs.

  • Roll-up signs are NCHRP 350 compliant when used with one of our NCHRP 350 compliant stands
  • Fiberglass ribs, or cross bracing, feature a protective veil to prevent blooming and painful splinters
  • The rib set is fastened at the center with a 1/4″ steel rivet and spring washer providing constant tension; it will not loosen or tighten with use the way nut and bolt assemblies do
  • Lexan corner pockets are made of tough polycarbonate plastic for durability
  • Corner pockets on the horizontal corners provide three rivet points for durability and a shallower pocket depth for easier deployment
  • Back-to-back hook and loop strap for storage
  • Overlays for changeable message signs are also available in all sign materials and colors
  • Custom roll-up signs are also available on request

Standard Sign Legends / Symbols

When placing an order choose from:

  • Size: 36” or 48”
  • Colors: Orange or Coral (Pink)
  • Materials: Non-reflective vinyl, Non-reflective mesh, Superbrite reflective, Diamond Grade reflective
  • Specify MUTCD legend or special legend

Standard Sign Symbols Directional

Velcro overlays available.

Emergency Response Signs

Velcro overlays available.

Sign Stands


5012SS WindMaster

Compact Collapse &
Wrap Sign System

Compact Collapse & Wrap Sign System


Roll Up Sign Stand



WindMaster Barrier

Roll Up Sign Stand

Median Barrier Bracket

SA-10436 Median Barrier Bracket

Tuffy 4 Legger Sign Stand

Rigid Sign Stand

Tripod Sign

Tripod Sign Stands

Compact Roll-up Sign Stand

  • Lightweight, portable easy-to use
  • Holds 36” & 48” roll up signs
  • NCHRP 350 accepted
  • Takes up only 1-cubic foot of storage space and is designed for use with roll-up signs only
  • Roll-up signs attach to the 5012SS with a screw-lock sign bracket (included) – simply slide the vertical cross brace into the bracket channel and
    secure the sign face by turning
    the screw handle until the cross
    brace fits tightly against the
    pressure plate
    > A single spring base design
    and adjustable, telescoping
    legs with kick-release buttons

  • Comprised of an MDI compact sign and WindMaster sign stand (each sold separately)
  • For use with 3612, 4814 or 5012 sign stands
  • The sign quickly collapses down using the single trigger release button and wraps around the upright on the stand
  • Sign stand and sign setup in less than 20 seconds
  • Single Trigger Release: Signs that have hinged, integrated cross bracing with a single trigger release mechanism for rapid deployment and take-down.

  • NCHRP 350 accepted
  • Adjustable legs for stability on curbs or uneven terrain
  • Kick-release/telescoping legs simplify set-up and handling
  • Dual Spring base for strong initial tension resists twisting and turning of sign in high wind gusts
  • Legs and upright made of .100” wall thickness aircraft aluminum
  • Designed for rigid signs made of aluminum, wood or plastic
  • Holds both rigid & roll-up signs

  • Dual springs and telescoping upright
  • Used with MDI’s Median Barrier Bracket (Model SA-10436 or SA-28305)
  • Sign stand attaches easily to bracket with just two bolts
  • Sign Stand accommodates a 36” or 48” roll-up or rigid sign

  • Used with Model 4818NL
  • The springs on the sign stand are fastened to the bracket with just two bolts
  • The bracket and sign stand assembly firmly attach to median barrier with four, screw-in T-handle spikes
  • Color: black
  • Fits 5”-11” concrete median barriers
  • SA-28305 also available to fit 9”-15”

  • Holds rigid signs at least 30” wide up to 48” x 48”, including rectangle, square and diamond shapes
  • Stand dimensions: 60” x 30” x 1”
  • Fabricated from 1” aluminum angle or 12 gauge angle iron (dependent upon material availability)
  • Stand folds flat for storage

  • Holds 36” or 48” sign a minimum of 12” off ground
  • Meets MUTCD specifications
  • Easy setup
  • 16 ga. tubular steel construction
  • Orange powder coat finish
  • Open footprint of 46” x 60”
  • NCHRP 350 accepted


IN81 Sign
Pedestal Base

Roll Up Sign Accessories

Mounting Bracket

Roll Up Sign Accessories

Mounting Bracket

Sign Mounting Bracket

Median Bracket

Sign Bracket

SA-27897 Flasher Bracket

Sign Stand Accessorie

  • Fits u-channel, square or round posts
  • Can be mounted permanently to a concrete or a paved surface or it can be used for temporary signs
  • 15” Approximate weight: 3-4 lbs.
  • The base comes with the hardware needed to attach your post to the base

  • Color: Black Size: Fits 4818K, 4860K, 4884K and 5018 WindMaster® Sign Stands
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Brackets are sold separately and two are required per sign face
  • Brackets are held in place by screw clamps that attach to sign stand upright. Note: Two brackets are required

  • Two-piece set that accommodates any roll-up sign face with standard 1.25” wide and thick fiberglass cross bracing
  • Constructed of durable, rigid plastic 3/16” thick
  • Brackets fit over top of sign stand upright and slide down over detent buttons

  • Attaches to concrete median barriers that are 5”-11”W
  • Used with Springs Model 4818NL
  • The springs on the sign stand are fastened to the bracket with just two bolts
  • The bracket and sign stand assembly attach firmly to median barrier with four, screw-in T-handle spikes
  • Color: Black Size: Fits 5”-11” Concrete Median Barriers
  • Shipping Weight: 18.15 lbs.
  • SA-28305 also available (bigger)

  • Holds any 36” or 48” diamond-shaped DuraLatch® Roll-Up Sign
  • Has three heavy-duty, solid-tip steel posts that the Lift-The-Dot fasteners on the sign straps snap on it
  • The posts hold sign securely while the straps allow it to expand and contract to stay taut
  • For storing, cross bracing pivots to form one piece that the roll up sign wraps around  with all WindMaster® Sign Stands
  • Shipping Weight: 6.10 lbs.

  • Use with WindMaster® Sign Stands Model Numbers 4818, 4860, 4884 and 5018
  • These units are equipped with a 3-section flag bracket and the Flasher Bracket locks securely in place in the middle section of the flag bracket
  • The opening in the top of the Flasher Bracket is used for attaching the flasher