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Rigid & Roll Up Signs /Stands

Roll-up Signs Stands

Our roll up signs & stands offer full signage coverage and are lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Roll Up Signs and stands are perfect for on the go construction workers and contractors. All standard and any special legend construction signs are also available in 36″ or 48″ roll up signs. Choose from reflective materials (orange or fluorescent pink): SuperBright and Diamond Grade; or non-reflective materials (orange only): Mesh and vinyl. Note: Be sure to check with local or state traffic agencies to insure required size, reflectivity and color specifications are met. Fluorescent pink roll up signs are recommended for emergency incident management.  All roll up signs come complete with fiberglass ribs, stitched or Lexan corner pockets and anti-kiting velcro.

A wide variety of sign stands complement rigid and roll up signs. Econo, compact and full-size sign stands, including spring-loaded models, are options. Featured here are some of our most commonly requested sign stands and accessories.


Available in a variety of materials and sizes, roll up signs offer full size signage in a lightweight and easy to store design.

  • Custom signs are also available on request
  • Roll-up signs are NCHRP-350 compliant when used with one of our NCHRP-350 compliant stands
  • Fiberglass ribs, or cross bracing, feature a protective veil to prevent blooming and painful splinters
  • The rib set is fastened at the center with a 1/4″ steel rivet and spring washer providing constant tension. It will not loosen or tighten with use the way nut and bolt assemblies do
  • Rectangular and delta style corner pockets are made of tough polycarbonate plastic for durability
  • Delta pockets on the horizontal corners provide three rivet points for durability and a shallower pocket depth for easier deployment
  • Delta pockets have a narrow width and feature a channel for the strap which provide a smaller, tighter diameter for easier storage
  • Back to back hook and loop strap for storage
  • Optional folding flag systems permanently attaches up to three warning flags, flag-holders for wood dowel flags may be installed on request
  • Overlays for changeable message signs are also available in all sign materials and colors

Standard Sign Legends / Symbols

Velcro overlays available.

Standard Sign Symbols Directional

Velcro overlays available.

Emergency Response Signs

Velcro overlays available.

Rigid and Roll Up Sign Stands Rigid and roll-up sign stands need to be lightweight, portable and easy to use. All of the spring-loaded models that we carry can hold 36″ or 48″ signs, have legs which adjust to various heights to accommodate uneven terrain, and have field-replaceable parts which are readily available. There are also a variety of models permitting sign placement at varying heights.

Sign Stands


Roll-Up Signs


Roll Up Sign Stand




Roll Up Sign Stand

WindMaster Barrier

Roll Up Sign Stand

Tuffy 4 Legger

Rigid Sign Stand

Economy Tri-Pod

Rigid Sign Stand

  • Takes up only 1-cubic foot of storage space and is designed for use with roll-up signs only
  • Roll-up signs attach to the 5012SS with a screw-lock sign bracket (included) – Simply slide the vertical cross brace into the bracket channel and secure the sign face by turning the screw handle until the cross brace fits tightly against the pressure plate
  • NCHRP 350 accepted
  • A single spring base design and adjustable, telescoping legs with kick-release buttons

  • Holds Sign 18” from ground (Roll-Up or Rigid)
  • Stands 7’3” tall
  • Four-year warranty against defective workmanship, parts and materials
  • Withstands wind gusts of up to 70 mph, flexing in place when hit by strong winds or passing vehicles
  • Legs and upright made of .100” wall thickness aircraft aluminum
  • Designed for rigid signs made of aluminum, wood or plastic
  • Telescoping mast for variable heights Kick-release leg system
  • Sign-faces sold separately

  • NCHRP 350 accepted
  • Dual Spring base for strong initial tension resists twisting and turning of sign in high wind gusts
  • Kick-release/telescoping legs simplify set-up and handling
  • Adjustable legs for stability on curbs or uneven terrain
  • Break-Away feature allows vertical upright to detach from sign stand upon impact
  • Stand Only Folded Dimension: 81”x10.75”x8.75”
  • Ground to bottom of sign 5’ or 7’

  • NCHRP 350 accepted
  • Dual Spring base for strong initial tension resists twisting and turning of sign in high wind gusts
  • Kick-release/telescoping legs simplify set-up and handling
  • Adjustable legs for stability on curbs or uneven terrain
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy legs and uprights
  • Rubber caps on legs for extra traction
  • Steel base and springs specially coated to withstand 500 hours of salt spray
  • Drop and Lock upright features a molded cap that helps to channel the cross brace into the upright and the spring-loaded pin automatically locks sign in place

  • Dual springs and telescoping upright
  • Used with MDI’s Median Barrier Bracket (Model SA-10436 or SA-28305)
  • Sign stand attaches easily to bracket with just two bolts
  • Sign Stand accommodates a 36” or 48” roll-up or rigid sign

  • Holds rigid signs at least 30” wide up to 48”x48”, including rectangle, square and diamond shapes
  • Stand dimensions: 60”x30”x1”
  • Fabricated from 1” aluminum angle or 12 gauge angle iron (dependent upon material availability)
  • Stand folds flat for storage

  • Strong, lightweight design allows for easy set-up and take down
  • Holds mesh or rigid signs up to 48”x48”
  • Holds three warning flags
  • Zinc-plated steel tubing
  • Pointed feet provide stability


IN81 Sign
Pedestal Base

Roll Up Sign Accessories

Mounting Bracket

Roll Up Sign Accessories

Mounting Bracket

Sign Mounting Bracket

Median Bracket

Sign Bracket

SA-27897 Flasher Bracket

Sign Stand Accessorie

  • Fits u-channel, square or round posts
  • Can be mounted permanently to a concrete or a paved surface or it can be used for temporary signs
  • 15” Approximate weight: 3-4 lbs.
  • The base comes with the hardware needed to attach your post to the base

  • Color: Black Size: Fits 4818K, 4860K, 4884K and 5018 WindMaster® Sign Stands
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Brackets are sold separately and two are required per sign face
  • Brackets are held in place by screw clamps that attach to sign stand upright. Note: Two brackets are required

  • Two-piece set that accommodates any roll-up sign face with standard 1.25” wide and thick fiberglass cross bracing
  • Constructed of durable, rigid plastic 3/16” thick
  • Brackets fit over top of sign stand upright and slide down over detent buttons

  • Attaches to concrete median barriers that are 5”-11”W
  • Used with Springs Model 4818NL
  • The springs on the sign stand are fastened to the bracket with just two bolts
  • The bracket and sign stand assembly attach firmly to median barrier with four, screw-in T-handle spikes
  • Color: Black Size: Fits 5”-11” Concrete Median Barriers
  • Shipping Weight: 18.15 lbs.
  • SA-28305 also available (bigger)

  • Holds any 36” or 48” diamond-shaped DuraLatch® Roll-Up Sign
  • Has three heavy-duty, solid-tip steel posts that the Lift-The-Dot fasteners on the sign straps snap on it
  • The posts hold sign securely while the straps allow it to expand and contract to stay taut
  • For storing, cross bracing pivots to form one piece that the roll up sign wraps around  with all WindMaster® Sign Stands
  • Shipping Weight: 6.10 lbs.

  • Use with WindMaster® Sign Stands Model Numbers 4818, 4860, 4884 and 5018
  • These units are equipped with a 3-section flag bracket and the Flasher Bracket locks securely in place in the middle section of the flag bracket
  • The opening in the top of the Flasher Bracket is used for attaching the flasher