Sign Manufacturing

Sign Manufacturing, Installation and Removal

Sign Manufacturing at its best! Where there is a sign on the highway, more than likely it’s a GSHP sign.  We work alongside of private and public-sector customers from the first step to the last to ensure timeliness and satisfaction. From transportation, construction and various industries across the tri-state area. We also install both temporary and permanent signage including supply posts, hardware and brackets and banding products.

Sign Manufacturing – From Concept and design to production and installation.

In addition to customized, standardized interstate signage, GSHP creates a wide variety of signs for nearly every official highway need, from routes to destinations to symbols and businesses. As custom signs bring consistency and key infographics to highways across the nation.

GSHP has 30 years of knowledgeable of the latest highway regulations and standards. Our experienced and conscientious staff are eager to help you create highway signs that deliver specific messaging and information. Our one stop shop even has signage components to properly mount and display the custom signs we create together.

Garden State Highway Products, Inc. hits the highway daily. Signs are everywhere!

Interstate Overhead Signs

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