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Rib-Bak U-channel posts

Ensure that your traffic and parking signs are clearly visible throughout your parking lot, grounds, and roadways with sign posts and accessories.

Garden State Highway Products, Inc. stocks a wide variety of u-channel, square and round posts. These posts are manufactured from high quality, high tensile steel or aluminum and finished with either weather resistant powder coating or galvanized. We also complement the posts with DOT approved breakaway systems for u-channel, square and round posts


U-Channel Posts

Sign Posts

Tubular Square Post
Fully Punched Posts

Sign Posts Fully Punched


Sign Posts

by Ulti-Mate®

Sign Posts

Round Post 10’ & 12”
Galvanized 16 Gauge

sign posts

RIB-BAK® U-Channel Posts  Sign Posts

  • Strongest U-Channel on the market
  • Has 25% more yield strength (80 –100 KSI) than the rail steel used by our competitors
  • Fast, easy installation with conventional tools
  • Flush contact points for solid sign attachment
  • Withstand higher wind loads at crucial load bearing points
  • 3/8” holes punched in one inch centers
  • Available in 1.12, 1.25 (studded T-post), 1.33, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 lbs. per linear foot
  • Meet all NCHRP 350 requirements
  • Standard stock colors: powder coated green and galvanized
  • Specialty powder coated colors: orange, yellow, white, black or brown – minimum order quantity required
  • Yield strength of 80-100 KSI vs. 60-80 other competitors
  • Sizes: 2’, 3’, 3’6”, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’ 8’, 9’, 10’, 11’, 12’, 13’, 14’, 16’, 18’ or 20’

Tubular Square Post – Fully Punched Posts  Sign Posts Fully Punched

  • Ground anchor posts allow for rapid replacement installations when necessary
  • Square tube sections provide superior resistance to wind and other forces over u-channel or round posts
  • Four flat surfaces for mounting signs in any direction and at any height without the need for additional hardware
  • FHWA approved
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Hot-dip galvanized conforming to industry standards
  • Specialty powder coated colors: yellow, red, blue, white, black
  • Stock sizes: 2” x 10’ & 12’ – 14 gauge uprights; 2-1/2” or 2-1/4” x 18”, 30”, or 36” – 12 gauge sleeves & bases

Qwik-Punch® Posts  Sign Posts Fully Punched

  • Qwik-Punch® Square Sign Posts are manufactured with 7/16” “knockouts” on all four sides
  • Easy, safe installation
  • Use a slug punch to knock out the holes
  • Convenient sign mounting before installation
  • Superior torsional strength
  • Versatile, four-sided sign mounting at any height
  • Fast, economical replacement of damaged sign posts
  • FHWA approved

Penetrator by Ulti-Mate®  Sign Posts  

  • This square post anchor outperforms all other anchor systems
  • Compatible with existing square post systems
  • Diamond point breaks through compacted, rocky and difficult ground conditions
  • NCHRP 350 Compliant

Round Post 10’ & 12” Galvanized 16 Gauge  sign posts

  • 2-3/8” Round Post
  • Various sizes and thicknesses available in steel or aluminum
  • Conforms with ASTM B-6 high grade and special high grade zinc
  • Chemical composition in accordance with ASTM A-500
  • Materials Testing in accordance with ASTM-500 & ASTM E-8
  • Round steel posts in other diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths can be special ordered
  • Stock sizes: 2-3/8” O.D. steel 10’ & 12’ – .065
    (16 gauge) wall