Arrow Boards

GSHP ships our flashing Arrow Boards with a built-in modem, GPS and free cellular service – for the life of the board. It’s an industry first, and it’s available now as standard equipment. With this innovation, Arrow Boards join our Message Boards in having remote communications included on every board.Here’s how free arrow remote communications helps you:

  • View a permanent record of what was on each board and when
  • Monitor battery voltage from your desk or smartphone
  • See location of boards using GPS coordinates
  • Get email notifications if a board moves
  • Change arrow patterns remotely

Of course, providing the cellular connection for free is a great value, offering enormous savings – never pay for cellular service for the life of the board.

Uses and Advantages

The “Silent Sentinel” Arrow Board is widely used for both construction and general traffic control. Sturdy and portable, this Arrow Board is available in 15 or 25 lamp configurations. The Arrow Board comes with a 96” w x 48” h display panel on a rugged steel trailer with a wide footprint for better stability, powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries. The torsion axle provides better ground clearance.

Free Remote Communication

Remote Access and GPS Tracking are now standard, thanks to the built-in GPS receiver and cellular transceiver with FREE lifetime service. Now you can:

LOCATE your board via Command Center’s maps SEE Battery Voltage from your desk. SEE HISTORY of what was displayed and when.

Free remote access plus our 5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty makes our Arrow Board A Better Board.

Control module displays:

  • Battery level
  • Solar charger status Lamp
    intensity Cellular status
  • GPS status

Arrow and warning patterns can be set with the press of a button. Automatic fault protection is built in.