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Silent Arrow Boards

SolarTech Silent Sentinel Arrow Boards

Silent Arrow Boards Advanced Technology

Silent Arrow Boards and their advanced technology are state-of-the-art at Garden State Highway Products.

Trailer Mounted
15 Lamp

SolarTech® Silent Sentinel Arrow Boards

Trailer Mounted
25 Lamp

Silent Arrow Boards

Vehicle Mounted
15 Lamp

SolarTech Silent Sentinel Arrow Boards

Vehicle Mounted
25 Lamp

SolarTech Silent Sentinel Arrow Boards

SolarTech WarrantySolarTech® Silent Sentinel Arrow Boards

Now talk to your SolarTech® Arrow Boards… for FREE!

SolarTech® added a modem, GPS and free cellular service for the life of your arrow board. It’s an industry first, and it’s available now as standard equipment on every SolarTech® Message and Arrow Board.

Here’s how free remote communications helps you:

  • View a permanent record of what was on each board
  • Monitor battery voltage from your desk or smartphone
  • See location of boards using GPS coordinates
  • Get email notifications if a board moves
  • Change arrow patterns remotely

SolarTech® boards make ITS a possibility today. Not ready? No worries. Its installed and ready when you are. No need to add modems and GPS chips later. And – bonus! – never pay for cellular service for the life of the board.

All models meet or exceed the standards for Flashing Arrow Panels as listed in the U.S. Federal Highway (FHWA) Manual or Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Specifications subject to periodic updates as required without notice.

Sales and Rentals

Rental Options: Daily, Weekly or Monthly

We also service your equipment

Optional Easy-To-Use Controller

Control Module Displays

  • Battery level
  • Solar Charger status lamp intensity cellular status
  • GPS Status
  • Arrow and warning patterns can be set with the press of a button.
  • Automatic fault protection is built in.

DetailsTrailer Mounted
Panel Size96″ x 48″ (Type C)
LampsLED – 15 or 25
Solar Array40 watts
BatteriesTwo (2) 6-volt heavy-duty deep cycle (GC-2)
Length100″ (254cm)
Width96″ (244cm)
Height Traveling92″ (234cm)
Height Operating134″ (340cm)
DetailsVehicle Mounted
Display Type15 or 25 Lamps Type B or Type C
MountMultiple mounting options (universal, pivoting, over-cab, skid, bed-rail, etc.)
Installation KitsSelf-contained portable or integrated, in-cab controls
LiftsManual or powered
Battery PacksAuxiliary battery pack (300/600 AH) Lead Acid or Gel-Cell
Battery Charge45 amp 115 or 230 volt
Solar Power Kits40 watts
Available Options
Combination CouplerRemovable, 2-inch ball and 2 1/2-inch pintle ring
Adjustable Height Coupler2-inch ball or 3-inch pintle, adjusts from 18 to 28 inches
Solar Array80 watts
BatteriesFour (4) Lead-Acid (flooded) or two (2) or four (4) Gel-Cell maintenance-free
Auxiliary Battery Charge115 VAC line-powered, 45 amp / 230 VAC line-powered, 45 amp
Traffic Cone CarrierHolds standard 18 inch (45.7cm) and 28 inch (71.1cm) traffic cones