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Garden State Highway Products offers a wide variety of high-quality Stop – Slow and Stop – Stop paddles that are ideal for guiding the crossing guards, children, and others who are on the road as it notifies them if there are oncoming motorists under all situations and weather conditions, whether be it day or night. These paddles are also ideal for directing and protecting road crews to ensure that everyone stays safe while in the work zone. Additionally, the octagonal paddles are also two-sided; where one side is red, while the other side is white with the word “Stop” in 6 inches high letters.

Our paddles are perfect for night-time use because of the retro reflective film it contains. We can assure you that no matter how dark it is within the area, your Stop – Slow paddles paddle would still be highly visible to motorists.

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84”Quick Disconnect Stop Slow Paddles

  • 18” x 18” with 12” handle and 72” staff
  • 24” x 24” with 12” handle and 72” staff
  • 84”Quick Disconnect Paddles
  •  Available with:
    – High Intensity Prismatic
    – Fluorescent Diamond Grade reflective sheeting
  • For use in most work zones to guide traffic flow

Other Options:

  • 9” poly grip handle for use with 12” or 18” paddle
  • 72” staff with slot for use with 18” or 24” paddle
  • Available Stop – Stop in 12”


Quick Disconnect Slow Stop Staff Paddles

  • 72” Adjustable staff and 12″ handle
  • 72” Plastic staff with non-skid rubber end cap, adjustable
  • 5” or 6” telescopic staff option

Stop Slow Paddles are ideal for guiding the crossing guards, children, and others who are on the road
Slow/Stop Staff Paddles
Stop Slow Staff Paddles