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Stop/Slow Paddles

BlikerPaddle Stop Staff Paddles

Stop Slow Paddles – LED Lights Flash for 20 Hours on a Single Charge!

Patented Stop Slow Paddles BlinkerSign® LED technology is used to make hand-held sign paddles more visible.Eight super-bright LEDs on each face match the BlinkerPaddle® background color and shape; LEDs flash in unison once per second. Flashing LEDs dramatically increase the paddle visibility so drivers can react sooner. A BlinkerPaddle® is especially effective in rain, fog, snow and low-light conditions.Stop/Slow Paddles are MUTCD compliant for the safety.

  • Visible up to a mile away!
  • Up to 20 hours of flashing on a single charge
  • 3-way switch (one or both sides flashing)
  • Automatic shut off when paddle is lowered below horizontal
  • 18”x18″ Paddle size available with standard and custom legends
  • Sheeting Type: High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)
  • LEDs automatically shut off when paddle is lowered below horizontal
  • Accessories: Black Cordura nylon carrying case. Fits two 18” paddles and accessories
  • Custom Hand Paddles available by purchasing individual components of your choice
  • Includes: (1) BlinkerPaddle LED Paddle, (3) rechargeable NiMH batteries, (1) 120v AC wall charger
  • Light-weight design minimizes arm and wrist stress (18″ paddle weighs less than 2 pounds)


Quick Disconnect Slow / Stop Staff Paddles

  • 72” Adjustable Staff
  • 72” Plastic Staff with non-skid rubber end cap for stop/slow paddles, adjustable
  • 5” or 6” telescopic staff option

Stop Slow Paddles
Slow/Stop Staff Paddles
Stop Slow Staff Paddles