Storm Drain Markers


Spread the word with a “Greener” Message

Storm Drain Markers are intended to remind people that waste poured down storm drains flows directly into important water resources and can damage water quality. Storm Drains are commonly misused by the public for the disposal of waste such as paint, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides and other pollutants. This improper disposal can seriously damage water quality and the environment. Help make the earth a “Greener” place – mark all storm drains in your community and spread the message of water conservation.

Available Metals: Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum (Painted Only), Brass, Stainless Steel.

Storm Drain Markers have been engineered to perfection and can be installed onto roadways, curbs, storm drain grates or storm drain heads. Features include:

  • Wide Choice of Symbols & Legends
  • Virtually Indestructable
  • Install On Any Surface
  • Theft Resistant
  • Up To 30-Year Warranty
  • Easy to Install
  • Custom Designs Available
  • High Visibility
  • All Metal, Deep 3-D Embossed
  • Sand-Blasted Matte Finish
  • U.V. Baked Enamel Paint
  • 1-2 Color Option or Natural
  • Optional Deep Stamped Sequential
  • Numbering or Name of Town/City
  • Optional UV Clear Multi-color Graphics Dome or Laser Engraved Aluminum Center Disc
  • Adhesive or bolt-on mount

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1 Color, 2 1/8” Disc

Material: Avail in Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum & Brass Standard & Custom Symbols, Colors & Legends Available

Drain Marker

No Dumping Legends


Drains to BayDrains to River
Drains to LakeDrains to Ocean
Drains to StreamDrains to Creek
Drains to WaterwaysDrains to Wetlands
Drains to PondDrains to Gulf
Only Rain in the Drain (Avail Spanish)And More... Custom Legends & Symbols are available. Ask Customer Service.


Gray, Red, Blue, yellow, Green, Black, Natural/Unpainted and Custom Colors.

Standard Symbol Chart

Sample Markers

Storm Drain Marker

Leads to Bay

Storm Drain Marker

Catch Basin
Only Rain in the Drain

Crab Red

Red Crab
Drains to Ocean

Drain Marker

Black Crab
Drains to Ocean

Drain Marker

Blue Crab
Drains to Bay

Drain Marker

Flows to Waterway

Fish Blue Blue

Fish Blue
Leads to Gulf

Drain Marker

Frog Blue
Drains to Stream

Drain Marker

Drains to Creek

Drain Marker

Silver Turtle
Drains to Creek

*Special Symbols


Caulking Gun

Caulking Gun
Dripless Caulking
Tube Gun

Sikaflex Adhesive

Sikaflex Adhesive
10.1 oz. tube. Must be used in caulking tube gun.

Adhesive Discs

Adhesive Discs
Pressure sensitive circles for surface mount only. Packaged 20 per carton.

Drive Rivet

Drive Rivet
Drive Rivet for surface mounts. 20 per bag.

Wet Concrete Fastener Set

Wet Concrete Fastner Set
Stainless steel welded bolt, 2 nuts and 1 washer.

Carbide Drill

Carbide Drill
Drill Bit for subsurface installation.

Drill Bit

Drill Bit
1/4″ x 1″ Drill Bit

Carriage Bolt w/Backing Plate

Carriage Bolt w/Backing Plate
Requires Center Hole

Wire Brush

Wire Brush with Handle