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Traffic Cones, Barrels, Bars, Channelizers and Drums

Our Traffic Cones, Barrels and Drums meet requirements set by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  Garden State Highway Products distributes a large selection of Cones, Barrels, Channelizer Drums,Open, Ring and Knob Top Delineators, and Channelizer and Traffic control devices.

Traffic Cones

These cones are strong and flexible in heat or cold, resulting in a more durable cone that will stand up to the challenges of adverse weather or road conditions. The brilliant fluorescent red orange color throughout is visible from any angle, day or night. Specially designed cleated base allows ease of stacking. The cones will not stick together; they’ll firmly grip the road and won’t easily be blown over and maintain their shape.

Hi-visibility fluorescent orange or lime-green cones are UV-stabilized poly-vinyl chloride (PVC). Available sizes are 6″, 12″, 18″, 28″ and 36″. Various colors available – sheet chart and custom printing options.

Reflective cone collars are available as follows:

  • 18″ Cones – 1 Reflective Collar
  • 28″ & 36″ Cones – 2 Reflective Collars
  • A 6″ upper cone collar and a 4″ lower cone collar meet federal specifications.

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Custom Traffic Cones

GSHP can customize your traffic cones. Our experienced staff have been providing this service to the public agencies, construction and roofing companies including sports teams and special events.

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Traffic ConesCone Bars

Retractable cone bars are designed to be used with any size PVC cones. Extremely portable and lightweight, the cone bar is easy to assemble. Just drop the cone bar ring on to the top of the cones to set up an inexpensive barrier around hazardous or controlled areas. In terms of both cost and functionality, the cone bar is more highly effective than warning tape. The cone bar is both reusable and reflective. Two sizes adjust from 4′ to 6′ 9″ or 6′ to 10′ in length and are available in the following color schemes:

Yellow on Black; or Blue, Green, Red or Orange on White.

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Snap-On Traffic Cone Signs give directional reinforcement in the work zone. In addition to use on traffic safety cones, they also can be used on Barrels and Delineators. Supplemental standard warnings and directions create a safer work environment. The signs are made of durable, reusable, all-weather plastic with UV inhibitors for maintenance of color. These signs were developed through research by the Federal Highway Administration to improve safety and reduce liability. Proven effective, they are used by more than 2000 cities and utility companies.

  • Snap-on Cone Sign is one-sided durable plastic
  • Sign is 12-3/4″W x 10-1/2″H
  • Specially cut grooves in the sign attaches securely to ordinary traffic cones

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Traffic Cones, BarrelsDrums / Barrels

  • Tire Locking Ring™ – Texturized Locking Ring™ grips tire, giving you security on the job
  • Stack more – at 36.77” H you can stack at least 10% more drums in the same space – making you more productive
  • Comfort grip handle for secure, easy pick-up
  • Innovative “light ledge” – keeps light upright
  • Anti-roll bottom, flat sections on all four sides – resists rolling when dislodged from ballast
  • Customize your drums with your name or logo molded in at our factory
  • Accepts tire ring and many rubber bases
  • Thick walls make this drum rugged and durable
  • Five tier design to maximize reflective sheeting
  • Available in low or high density polyethylene
  • NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards
  • Dimensions: 36.77″H x 22.94″W (40.02″H with handle)
  • Weight: 8 lbs.

The All-In-One Navigator™ / Channelizer!

This 28″ or 42″ fluorescent orange polyethylene channelizer offers the features and benefits of a sleeved cone, a tubular delineator post, a vertical panel and a channelizer device. The Navigator has a molded handle which accepts Type A and Type C lights with a standard 3″ bolt.

Fully stackable with a 10, 16, 30 or 35 lb. rubber base.  A 28″ Navigator will accept two six-inch reflective stripes and a 42″ Navigator will accept up to five six-inch reflective stripes.


  • Break-away design
  • NCHRP-350 compliant
  • Compact and stackable design saves space in truck or in storage
  • Greater visibility than standard 18-inch cones
  • Molded hole for mounting signal
  • Unique loop handle allows workers to carry several units at a time
  • Handle can also serve as roping-off mount
  • Meets all applicable MUTCD specifications
  • 42″ Navigator available with up to five bands of 6-inch sheeting
  • 28″ Navigator available with up to three bands of 6-inch sheeting
  • U.V. stabilized for longer life
  • Made of a flexible and impact resistant low density polyethylene

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Vertical Mount Traffic Cone Holder

This predrilled traffic cone holder allows you to stack multiple cones and keep them off the ground. Can be affixed to vehicles, walls, any surface you choose.


  • Holds approximately (10) 18 in. cones or (5) 28 in. cones
  • Material: Cold rolled steel with zinc plating
  • Hardware not included
  • Height: 22″


Cone Manufacturing

What makes a cone legal for road use?

Color Use for Cones

OrangeTemporary Traffic Control Zones
BlueMark accessible parking and signal overhead wires
YellowCaution the public indoor areas (wet areas)
BlackFunerals and with orange cones for contrast
GreenTrack and field courses
Lime GreenSignal increased pedestrian activity and mark entryways
WhiteValet parking, equestrian sport, and sponsor displays
PinkChildren’s areas, celebrations, and cancer awareness
RedGuide indoor machine traffic and block workplace hazards
PurpleSports, parties and other events

Legal Traffic Cone Sizes

SizeLegal UseEveryday Use
6"Not for use on public roadsDriver Ed courses and mark indoor hazards
12"Not for use on public roadsAthletics, animal or dog training
18"Roadways <45 mphAthletics, landscaping, parking
28"W/ 10 lb. base roadways >45 mph (PA) 7 lb. (NJ)Hazard markers, blockades and signage
36"Roadways >45 mph (required size in certain state including Delaware & FloridaIndustrial, utility facilities and entryways