Portable Traffic Signal

Accessories: Removable or lockable self-storing tongue. Each trailer shall be equipped with lifting ring that is integral to the PTS trailer and structurally sufficient to facilitate the lifting andplacing of a fully equipped PTS trailer.(4) 7,000 lb. stabilizer jacks with 2-1/2” square pin positioned telescoping galvanized drop leg with zinc plated 6” x 8” steel foot plate. Vertically installed on 84” front to rear dimension and 79” side to side dimension. Lifting ring to facilitate lifting and placing the PTS trailer as required.

Mast Arm: The portable traffic signal (PTS) trailer shall be equipped with a vertical upright and a horizontal mast arm. The overhead signal shall provide a minimum clearance of 17ft.-6in. measured from the bottom of the signal head to the road surface.


Available for rent or sale.

Rental options: Daily, weekly or monthly.