V-Loc | Break-Out Couplers

V-Loc® Socket System

V-Loc® is the state of the art, reusable breakaway anchor, allowing you to replace posts in minutes. It anchors posts for signs, mailboxes and other applications. The V-Loc® anchor socket can be safely installed in concrete, asphalt or dirt by one person in a matter of minutes either by hand or power driver. Once the V-Loc® anchor is installed, you simply insert your post and drive in the patented wedge, locking the post into the anchor without the need for any additional hardware. V-Loc® fins require no concrete in soil. It’s simple, solid and safe.
The only reusable, flush-to-the-ground breakaway anchor!

  • Permanent post hole which accepts round, square or u-channel posts
  • 360° flush-to-ground impact zone
  • Socket is reusable and easy install
  • Concrete mount available
  • Attached to breakaway anchors with 15” adapter
  • NCHRP 350 approved
  • Versatile anchoring for: signs, mailboxes, flex posts, fences and markers

Ground Mount Break-Out Couplers

  • Available for u-channel, square and round posts
  • With only 3 main parts, the Break-Out Coupler ™ hardware is a full 360° flush-to ground sign support system
  • Break-Out Coupler ™ is made from recycled material
  • The top post breaks flush with grade which allows for easy post replacement
  • NCHRP 350 compliant
  • Installation hardware included
  • Square base is used for all couplers

Surface Mount Break-Out Couplers                                                                                                     

  • Available for U-channel, square and round posts
  • Easily fastens to any pavement surface
  • 360° shear point
  • Break-Out Couplers ™ are made from recycled material
  • NCHRP 350 compliant
  • Installation hardware included