Custom Signs & Digital Printing

Premium, quality commercial digital printing solutions. Your creative possibilities are endless.

A Sign of the Times

With digital printing, you can  remain on the cutting edge of sign fabrication, and stay ahead of the latest technological advancements.  Investment in state-of-the-art sign making equipment allows National Highway Products, Inc. to provide its customers with photographic image quality signs.  With the addition of two high-tech thermal digital printers to its art department fabrication apparatus, NHP, Inc. continues to be a leader in the sign fabrication arena.

What capabilities does digital printing allow?

Digital printers uses thermal transfer technology to give signs a “photo quality” image. These printers provides endless versatility and artistic possibilities. Digital printers allow the exact color replication of photographs, logos, insignias, images – any visual mark. NHP, Inc’s. digital printers are ideal for printing highway, street, custom, novelty and magnetic signs as well as for creating business logos, vinyl decals, showroom floor decals, imitation window edging and vehicle markings. Just look at what is pictured here!

Complement all of your signage with premium protective overlay film, specially designed for areas of graffiti vandalism.


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