Safety Accessories

Prevent accidents and mark dangerous areas with our highway safety accessories.

Be prepared and guard yourself on the road with our line of safety accessories such as safety flares, flashlights, mesh flags and any other safety accessories in that time of need! Don’t break down without being prepared. Have the sense of security when on the road! Choose from our Universal Road Flare Kit that contains 6 extremely durable, rechargeable 18-LED flares that are a safe alternative to incendiary flares. These flares are smokeless, flameless, non-toxic, waterproof, crush proof and come with an impact resistant rubber housing. Visible up to one mile. Or choose the one of the other safety accessories, perhaps a LED Baton Road Flare Kit which is rechargeable with 2 flex fit tripods to hold the flare in a vertical position. No batteries to replace!

Other safety accessories include barricade tapes that prevent accidents and give added security that mark dangerous areas with various legends and sizes that guard pedestrians. Call to speak to an Account Executive at 800.338.5685.

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