921 & 921 AR Prismatic Marker


921 & 921R Aspex Prismatic Marker, Raised Pavement Marker (RPM) 

  • 921 is made of a durable ABS plastic shell filled with a tightly adherent potting compound
  • 921AR contains one or two glass covered prismatic retroreflective faces as required to reflect light from a single or opposite directions
  • Thin untempered glass is bonded to the prismatic retroreflective faces to provide an extremely hard durable abrasion resistant surface
  • The base of the marker is free from gloss and substances that may reduce its bond to adhesive
  • Available in 1-way, 2-way same color or 2-way multi-color
  • Colors: white, red, yellow, blue
  • Dimensions: 4”Wx4”Lx3/4”H

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