Car and Truck Lettering

100% Customizable – Easy to Install – Weatherproof and Waterproof

Custom-cut vehicle lettering made from 2 mil adhesive vinyl. Fully customizable and designed to not cause damage to the windows or body of your vehicle.

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Increase brand exposure and drive action through lettering on your car, truck, van or any other vehicle!

Vehicle lettering (also known as car lettering or truck lettering) includes lettering, numbering, or graphics that are individually cut out from a sheet of solid colored, 2-mil vinyl and then pre-spaced and placed onto masking transfer tape (the number of transfer tape sheets used will depend on the size of your vehicle lettering and amount of colors used). This allows the self-adhesive lettering to be easily installed on your car, truck, or van as one piece, creating a clean and professional look.

Vehicle lettering works great on cars, trucks, vans, jeeps, buses, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, race cars, off-road vehicles, RVs, tractors, and even lawn mowers. It works well on windows as well as painted surfaces and other areas of these vehicles.


Thickness .002″ (2-mil or 50 microns; about the thickness of half of a sheet of copy paper)
UV Resistance UV protectants in the material for 8+ years of outdoor vibrancy with proper car and maintenance
Estimated Lifespan 8 years depending on climate and use
Temperature Range -40F to 225F
Installation Method Transfer tape; all-at-once installation
Print Method Cut, not printed, from vinyl sheet
Uses Outdoor. Used on windows and painted surfaces on cars, trucks, vans, buses, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs race cars, off-road vehicles, RVs, tractors, and lawn mowers.

Installation & Care


All of our vehicle lettering comes pre-spaced and pre-masked with transfer tape, making installation a simple, all-at-once process. Follow the step by step instructions below to help you get it installed exactly as you want it.

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface of your car or truck where the decal will be installed.
  2. Apply a horizontal strip of masking tape to the top of the graphic with the top half of the tape on the intended surface, creating a hinge.
  3. Hold the bottom edge of the hinged graphic away from the intended surface and remove the back liner, revealing the sticky backing of your lettering. Be careful not to allow the exposed adhesive to touch the surface.
  4. Using a squeegee*, press down on the premask, placing the lettering or graphic onto the intended surface. If creases develop, carefully lift the graphic and place it again. Work from top to bottom and left to right.
  5. Remove any air by dragging the squeegee from the center of your graphic outward.
  6. Gently remove the premask, starting at a top corner. If any vinyl begins to come off the surface, use your squeegee to firmly adhere it back to the surface and continue peeling away the premask. This should remove the masking tape hinge as well.
  7. Laying the liner over the graphic with the shiny side facing you, apply hard pressure with the squeegee, removing any remaining air bubbles.


Use water and a non-abrasive cloth to clean your vinyl car and truck lettering. This lettering is not ideal for pressurized car washes, as it may result in peeling corners. Do not use strong cleaners or power washers on or around the lettering. This could damage or remove the lettering from your vehicle

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