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Versatile carpet stickers with laminate protection and certified slip resistance. Printed with abrasion-resistant UV ink on 3.4 mil vinyl material. Provide directions, showcase your brand and more with a custom carpet sticker!

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Custom carpet stickers are vinyl graphics that adhere to low pile carpet and are commonly used for advertising, branding, or trade show and event purposes. At 9.4 mil (.009″) they are incredibly thin yet perfect for temporary use. Due to their protective overlaminate they are certified slip resistant and can handle foot traffic for up to six months of regular use.

Carpet stickers are also commonly referred to as carpet decals or carpet graphics. Carpet stickers are easily applied and removed from low pile carpets or rugs without leaving behind any residual adhesive.

Compatible surfaces

Carpet stickers are the perfect graphic solution for carpet applications. However, they are not compatible with all types of carpet. When purchasing a carpet sticker the intended installation surface must be taken into account.

Carpet stickers must only be applied to carpet with a short nap and a tight weave. Additionally, carpet graphics will only adhere to carpets with minimal texture. This is most often true of commercial carpets rather than residential carpets. Some other common surfaces for carpet stickers are low pile rugs and vehicle carpets or floor mats. With all carpets and rugs the same principles apply: the installation surface must be short, tightly woven, and minimal in texture. Carpet stickers are not meant for non-porous or smooth surfaces.

Please see our floor decals if you are looking for a decal not intended for carpet.

Carpet decals will not work on surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tile, unsealed concrete, or surfaces, including carpets, that are dirty, stained (oil, chemicals, etc), or wet.

Installation & Care


When installing your custom carpet sticker be sure to confirm that your installation surface (i.e. carpet or rug) is compatible with the carpet sticker.

The carpet surface must be clean and free from dirt, dust, oils, etc. in order for the sticker to adhere properly. To install the sticker, begin by peeling the protective backing from the adhesive or non-printed side of the sticker. Gently place one end of the graphic to the floor and slowly squeegee* the graphic to the carpet. Once the graphic has been placed, gently press and squeegee the sticker to the carpet one final time.


When you are done using your carpet sticker you should remove it from the carpet within six months of installation. Begin by pulling the graphic up from the carpet at one edge and slowly peel the graphic away from the carpet. removing the sticker within six months will ensure that your carpet will not be damaged due to the adhesive. Removing your graphic should not leave any adhesive residue on your carpet so long as you remove it within six months of installation. Carpet stickers are not reusable and once they have been installed they cannot be re-positioned or reused. Once they have been removed they should be disposed of.

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