Fire-Roof Code

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Fire-Roof Code

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Fire-Roof Code Sign

Fire-Roof Code Sign is  MUTCD compliant for the safety standards of drivers and pedestrians on roadways and parking areas.

  • Truss construction signs are designed to assist firefighters in the recognition of buildings constructed with truss roof/floor assemblies.
  • The truss identification rules came into being due to a fire incident in Hackensack, NJ. in July 1988.
  • As a result, an amendment to the Uniform Fire Code of New Jersey was enacted to have all buildings and structures identified with a sign to allow firefighters as they approach and begin firefighting operations, to identify if the building is equipped with truss components.
  • N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.20 requires all buildings to have affixed a sign to indicate that there are equipped or installed truss supports.
  • Individual structures and dwelling units with truss constructions that are part of a planned community development are required to have a truss sign affixed at each entrance to the development.
  • Sign Size: 12″ wide x 6″ high
  • Material: Reflective
  • Printing color: Red

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