Model C-90 TL-3

The Scorpion TMA Model C-90 folds just past the 90-degree position (when folding over the truck bed is not desired). This feature allows for easy transit in the upright position. The rear strut is raised 10-degrees for added mobility and ground clearance, making it ideal for safely clearing exit ramps, driveways and other inclined surfaces in the stored or travel position. The Scorpion TMA Model C-90 provides TL-3 impact protection.

  • Weight: 1,975 lbs.
  • Length: Travel/Storage 3’ 1”, Deployed 14’ 9”
  • Width: 8’
  • Height: Travel/Storage 14’ 2’, Deployed 1’
  • Tests Passed: 3-50, 3-51, 3-52, 3-53
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