Navigator™ – Channelizers

The All-In-One Navigator™ / Channelizer!

This 28″ or 42″ fluorescent orange polyethylene channelizer offers the features and benefits of a sleeved cone, a tubular delineator post, a vertical panel and a channelizer device. The Navigator has a molded handle which accepts Type A and Type C lights with a standard 3″ bolt.

Fully stackable with a 10, 16, 30 or 35 lb. rubber base.  A 28″ Navigator will accept two six-inch reflective stripes and a 42″ Navigator will accept up to five six-inch reflective stripes.


  • Break-away design
  • NCHRP 350 compliant
  • Compact and stackable design saves space in truck or in storage
  • Greater visibility than standard 28-inch cones
  • Molded hole for mounting barricade light
  • Unique loop handle allows workers to carry several units at a time
  • Handle can also serve as roping-off mount
  • Meets all applicable MUTCD specifications
  • 42″ Navigator available with up to five bands of 4” or 6” sheeting, high intensity or diamond grade
  • 28″ Navigator available with up to three bands of 4” or 6” sheeting, high intensity or diamond grade
  • UV stabilized for longer durability
  • Made of a flexible and impact resistant low density polyethylene
  • Base weight options: 10 lbs., 16 lbs.,  and 30 lbs.

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