TraffiCalm Curve Warning System

Guiding drivers through dangerous curves with a true-to-shape Chevron Sign.
SignAlert™ Chevron Solution is designed to give drivers an elevated level of visual guidance when approaching curves.
TraffiCalm’s SignAlert™ Chevrons are ideal for use on today’s highways that have high potential for vehicle lane departures. The sign retrofit features a high visibility display that outlines the Chevron legend with either 80 to 128 high intensity amber LEDs (depending on sign size) and boasts an effective angularity of 150. Multiple Chevrons in a single location are configured as a single network and flash sequentially in the direction of traffic

One Piece-Potted and sealed LED enclosure provides the most protection against the elements.
> .080 gauge 5052 aluminum
> Black powder coated for surface durability
All Sequential Chevron components are designed to easily adapt and retrofit to existing signs!

> LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours
> 1,000,000 millicandela sign output (nominal daylight maximum)
> LEDs per sign:
> 18”x24” – 80 LEDs
> 24”x30” – 112 LEDs
> 30”x36” – 128 LEDs
> 36”x48” – 160 LEDs
> Thin LED assemblies are mounted using accommodations (holes) for bolt-mounting directly to sign and post
> LEDs are wired in strings to activate simultaneously per MUTCD sign
> All LEDs will continue to flash in the event of an individual LED failure
> All assemblies are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Facility

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