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Brand your fleet with custom fleet graphics and wraps. Choose from fleet lettering cut from solid color vinyl or use spot graphics that are printed onto adhesive vinyl. You can even get a full fleet wrap that is a long lasting vinyl adhesive that is applied to the entire surface of your vehicle!

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In simple terms, fleet graphics are vinyl adhesive decals applied to the exterior of a variety of vehicles in order to both enhance branding and leverage vehicles’ high visibility as an advertising or marketing channel. Fleet graphics can come in three different forms as described below.


Fleet Lettering
The most basic fleet graphics are vinyl lettering for vehicles. This option consists of your message being cut from solid colored vinyl. Messaging is primarily text but simple vector graphics will also work. Lettering can be done in more than 30 colors but can not contain printed photos or gradients. Fleet lettering is pre-masked and applied all at once. Typical uses include company name, contact information, and simple logos. Fleet Lettering

Spot Graphics
Spot graphics can include both images and text. Your design is printed onto, not cut from, adhesive vinyl that is then applied to your vehicle’s surface. Because it is printed it doesn’t have the same limitations as fleet lettering and can be any color, gradient, and more. More complex graphics and logos for branding purposes short of a full wrap are the most common use of spot graphics. Complex logos as spot graphics can be combined with vinyl lettering to get the perfect look.

Full Wraps
A full or partial fleet wrap is printed onto a long lasting vinyl adhesive that is then applied to the entire surface area of the vehicle. Fleet wraps offer the ultimate in branding and vehicle advertising but require a highly trained professional and specialized tools to be properly installed.

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